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Diamond Drilling In Abu Dhabi

Diamond Drilling In Abu Dhabi

Diamond drilling is the construction industry’s most effective way of creating measured holes and spaces in a huge variety of materials, even the toughest stone wall. If you are finding for Diamond Drilling service in Abu Dhabi.

Our Company Providing Diamond Core Drilling Services in Abu Dhabi. Our company provides a comprehensive vary of diamond core drilling services. For small, medium, and large-scale service comes across the UAE. Therefore, our company is absolutely equipped and capable to urge the work through with superior potency.

With our experience, we will assist you to guarantee on-time completion of any coring project. Most importantly we charge low rates for our services without compromising on Quality.

Diamond Drilling Methods

Diamond core drilling is a precision and effective method solution to create round openings in hard concrete. We offer full range of Core cutting systems from 12mm diameter to unlimited size and diameter by stitch coring method.

Depending on the core hole diameter and depth our fleet has extended choice of using electrical core drilling motor, Hydraulic core drilling motor and high frequency system for dry and wet application according to the site condition.

Why To Choose Us?

With 15+ years experience, we are proud to lead the way as Abu Dhabi top Diamond Drilling contractors. Our strong reputation reflects the many years we have dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the construction industry.

Our company has stood the test of time proving its brilliance from time to time by adjusting modern development and innovative advancement and healthy work culture. Fulfilling numerous honored project along the way.

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